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john adams onlineFor fans of HBO miniseries and curious students of history, I would suggest viewing the seven-episode series John Adams. There are many sources available to watch John Adams online. For legitimate purposes, HBO has made available the John Adams series online through the official site. I can not condone it but must admit that there are other sources available to watch John Adams online free. Since its debut in 2008, the John Adams HBO series has set a record for awards presented to a miniseries. Don't miss out! If you can't watch it on TV, you should definitely try to catch the John Adams miniseries online. Watch out for links to the PBS American Experience episode about John Adams, as this is a John Adams movie online and a documentary instead of a dramatized miniseries. Although these are dramatized episodes, they do maintain a high level of historical accuracy.

The John Adams series focuses on the life of America's second president and his central role in shaping the early structure and functions of American government. Before the Revolution, Adams was an attorney practicing law in Massachusetts who became well known for his essays on liberty and the right of representation for colonials. He argued voraciously against the legality of taxes imposed by the British Parliament while the colonial subjects due to pay them had no representative there. He became famous for the integrity he displayed in the legal defense of British soldiers responsible for the Boston Massacre despite his own ambitions to revolt. His wife, Abigail, was as well-read and intellectual as her husband and their relationship reflected the mutual influence shared between them; even when John traveled to Philadelphia for the Continental Congress, he kept up regular contact with Abigail and updated her on the political affairs while also asking her opinion. Even during his presidency, John had an open ear to Abigail's thoughts and ideas. Their relationship is a central theme in the HBO series.

Although historical figures do not always make for the most entertaining characters in drama, the strong personality and tense moments of John Adams life come to the screen vividly and leave every viewer more aware of the strength of leadership upon which the American Revolution depended. If you do watch John Adams online, you will recognize characters such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and witness the high regard with which they held John Adams. Jefferson and Adams were close friends during the birth of the nation, but soon became political foes when they were opponents in the presidential election of 1800. I will not spoil the story and tell you who won, although this information is available online as well. Family life is also a central theme in the HBO John Adams miniseries, including the tragedy of his daughter's cancer and second son's alcoholism. Of course, his eldest son, John Quincy Adams, would one day become the sixth president of the United States. Don't miss out on an intriguing story of vital importance to America's birth! Watch John Adams online today.